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What is important? Usable space framed with a living green aesthetic? Absolutely! And we know what plants will survive the ruggers of the school yard. We have seen some interesting planting schedules designed by professionals that apparently have never visited a garden nursery let alone studied ornamental horticulture. Rest assured when we are asked to mass plant Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' (Black Rose) next to outdoor basketball courts, we won't! This plant is a succulent and would have been smashed to bits on the first day. We will always review and identify any anomalies in a planting schedule we are asked to implement. We will consult with you regarding any availability concerns and anomalies in practicalities. We source all of our plants wholesale, and know most Victorian growers personally. We can design the planting schedule or implement a design. It is all part of our service.

Display Homes 

We work for several builders and in January 2017 we landscaped a display home for Orion Homes at Warralily on the Surfcoast Hwy in Geelong.

Looking through display homes (as well as browsing Pinterest!) is a great way to get ideas for your own garden as well as the layout and styling for your new home. If you have a wide or wedged shaped sideway that you can see from inside your home consider planting deciduous trees that will allow maximum light in winter and summer shade. Random stepping stones allows access and gentle under-planting will keep the weeds at bay. Pictured here are Japanese Coral Bark Maples or Acer Palmatum 'Senkaki'. In the colder months the trunk and branches will turn BRIGHT red.

Corten Steel screens in a 'Gatsby' pattern were chosen for interest along the back fence and Eko timber decking in colour Greystone was chosen here for because it is maintenance free. 

In the front garden we built a 'shadow box' rendered raised bed.  The tree is a Lagerstroemia 'Natchez' or white Crepe Mrytle, which flowers in high summer, with underplanting of Liriope, and in the lower bed we installed three Cycas revolta's or Japanesse Sago Palms - though you wouldn't want to be brushing too close as they are a little spiky.