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We take care of all aspects of Carpentry work, inside and out. For instance, we can install reclaimed flooring and new skirting boards, build you the pantry of your dreams or replace posts on an existing verandah. For all timber quotes please telephone Dylan Sadler on 0417 829 030.

Decking for verandas, porticos, or Al fresco areas, fencing, gates and screens, steps and sleeper retaining walls, planter boxes, letter boxes, sleeper sculptures, and pergolas can all add an aesthetic functionality to your garden. 

The above picture is of a property we landscaped in Meredith in Western Victorian.

We love working with wood and Decking is a wonderful addition to a garden. We can build you a 140mm or 90mm Merbou timber deck or veranda, or how about considering a varigated deck using alternate 70mm and 140mm wide planks. Screens look great in 70mm. If a step is needed a wrap around step the full width is something to behold. It creates great ambience. Front Porticos look a dream decked and can extend to steps complete with lighting.  Shadow box style steps (platforms) look great too. If you are decking under your Al Fresco always consider decking past the pillars and wrapping around them, extending out at least a metre into your garden - a more relaxed and spacious look than finishing it right in line with the roofing. Also think about decking all the way to the fence if it's only another metre or so - can be a great space to have the BBQ, bench seating, and pots.

More and more clients are having us build garden seating. Rendered blockwork, timber, or different configurations using both. Sometimes like the circle seating pictured below uses steel framing, extra thick merbou planks, and corten steel for the setback fascia.

Pine sleeper Vegetable beds are a favourite.  We find that 2.4m long and 1.2 wide, 2 sleepers high plus capper, are both practical and look great. This size will allow you to reach in from all sides, and the capper functions both as a seat and bench for your seedlings and tools to rest on. It minimises bending, and raised beds are always a good idea for vegetables. Filled with soil the real back breaking work is done.;

Reclaimed Blackbutt timber floors
Raised Treated Pine Vege Boxes

Free standing planters on casters

A sloping sideway

Varigated screen and seating

Corrugated colourbond and stained pine fencing and gate.

Rear view of side gate